Our Supporters

Our project would not have been possible without your support!  Thank you to all who have been involved along the way!


Thank you to our hosting organizations:
Luther College
Wartburg College
Pleasant Valley High School Band Boosters
A special thanks to the University of Northern Iowa for hosting us as part of their Visiting Artist Series and helping support our travel. 
University of Miskolc (special thanks to Tamas Toth)
Bartok Conservatory- Budapest Hungary (Aurel Hollo)
Zoltán Kodály Music School- Kecskemet Hungary 

Thank you to our Kickstarter supporters:

Caleb Davis
Caroline Boehmer
Doug Brown
Sandra Andreini
Donna Steffen
Linda Olson
Jodi Goble
Jozsef Gitta
Nicole Nayima
Gregory Charles Brown
David Kuehn
Meghan Courtney
Dan Wubbena crowdfundiowa.com
Elizabeth Ferreira