Gabor Palotas

Gabor Palotas was born in 1985 in Kiskunfelegyhaza, Hungary. He started his percussion studies at the age of seven. In 2009 he recieved his diploma with a Masters degree with honours as a student of Istvan Szabo from the University of Debrecen. During his university-years he was a member of Sonus Percussion Ensemble which has toured Japan, Slovakia, Poland as well as performed many concerts throughout Hungary. Between 1995-2008, he served as percussionist of the Symphony Band of Kiskunfelegyhaza. This orchestra has won many prizes, such as in Jastzerbie Zdroj (I.Prize, Poland, 1997), Neerpelt (I.Prize, Belgium, 1999), Differdange (I.Prize, Luxembourg, 2006) among others. The Symphony Band has recorded 5 CDs to which Gabor has contributed. Gabor is currently working as a teacher at the Kodaly School in Kecskemet, Hungary. He has also been a member of Symphony Orchestra of Kecskemet since 2008. One of Gabors main goals in performing is to expose percussion instruments to as wide of an audience as possible.  Gabor has worked closely with serveral Hungarian composers and many of them have dedicated percussion solo and chamber works to him.  


Gabor's prizes include:

National Solo and Duo Competition for Percussion Instruments (1998, Győr, Hungary)    

Special Prize

National Competition for Percussion Instruments (2003, Miskolc, Hungary)

            Third Prize

28th National College Meeting and Competition for Percussion Instruments

(2005, Debrecen, Hungary)

First Prize 

29th National College Meeting  and Competition for Percussion Instruments

(2006, Debrecen, Hungary)

Third Prize 

30th National and 1st International Percussion Meeting and Competition

(2007, Debrecen, Hungary)

First Prize and Special Prize of University of Debrecen

Other prizes:

Tibor Falu Jr. Foundation-Prize (2006)

Hungarian Rebuplic’s "Republican Scholarship” (2008/2009)

"In Memoriam Gyorgy Gulyas” – Janos Jozsa – Prize (2009)


Courses and Master classes:

Imai Tadako (2002), Gergely Nagy (2004), Frank Epstein (2004), Leonhard Schmidinger (2005), Keiko Abe (2007, 2008), Martin Oprsal (2007), Frederic Macarez (2008), Anders Loguin (2008), Ludwig Albert (2008), Ruud Wiener (2008), Angel Omar Frette (2008)